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DU4 Music is an entertainment publishing company with an in-house production team, marketing, and copyright license administration. We specialize in the entire process of creating and curating projects. Then focus on marketing and promoting said projects too monetize content for copyright licensing. Creating intellectual property revenue for both creator and publisher. 

Founded in 2020 based in Atlanta, GA  DU4 Music serves as a creative hub for all entertainment creatives alike. Providing value where it matters.


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- Professional music mixing, producing and mastering

     ~ Full Albums (EP/LP)

     ~ Mixing & Mastering for Radio & TV (Commercials, Voiceovers, Podcast)

     ~ Post Production Song Mastering


- Professional audio editing, cleaning and enhancing

     ~ Audio Restoration (Noise, Clicks, Pops, Hum, Buzz, Distortion, Echo Reduction)

     ~ Background noise removing and reduction (Floor Noise)

     ~ Cleaning, amplifying, Normalization on Audio


- Composing, Arranging, Producing 

- Live Audio Mixing/ Prerecorded Live Audio Mastering 

- Sound Design (sound effects)

- Mixing & Mastering track

- Recording Live Instruments (Guitar, Bass, Violin, Trumpet, Drums)

- Editing and Post Producing




- Electronic Music (House, Dance, DnB, Dubstep, Trance)

- Pop Music (Modern, Popular Songs)

- Hip Hop & RnB

- Country, Indie, Folk

- Holiday & Seasonal (New Year, Christmas Remakes)

- Corporate (Music for Commercials Radio,TV, Podcast)

- Cinematic (Movie Trailer Dramatic, Romantic Action, Adventure)

- Background Music (Mood Music)

- Gaming  - Sound effects, Track production, and Ambience 


-PRO Song Registration

-Radio Registration (Media Base/ BDSM Neilson)

-Copyright Registration


-Artist/Clients Music Business Development

Artist business development and consultant program for serious artist willing to take their careers to the next level. (1 Hour Zoom/Messenger Calls) reviewing client music, marketing strategy plans, and helping clients set up publishing revenue sources. After 6 months client/artist has the option to schedule (1) call a month for $25 and can cancel at anytime.


2 (One Hour Zoom/Messenger Calls)/ Monthly

6 Months = $300 /(10%off) paid in full $270


After 6 Months

1 (One Hour Zoom/Messenger Call)/ Monthly

1 Month = $25 /cancel at anytime

Mixer Keys
Writing Music
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Music Apps
Web Consultation

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